PCB Copper Foil


  • Electric Vehicles Li-ion Battery

    Electric Vehicles Li-ion Battery

    The thickness is 4.5-12 um, and the characteristics are both sides shiny and both sides matte , high elongation at room temperature, high density crystalline structure, and good adhesion with negative electrode materials for lithium battery production.
    Used in Li-ion Battery with high energy density requirements such as Electric Vehicles batteries and cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, such as lithium batteries for new energy vehicles.

  • 5G High Frequency Board

    5G High Frequency Board

    High frequency board Copper foil the typical thickness is 12um,18um 35um 70um.
    Characteristics with low profile, high peel strength, Excellent etchability.
    Used for High frequency applying to PTFE board, hydrocarbon board and Fine circuit pattern &high Tg.
    With low coarsening technology.

  • High Speed Digital

    High Speed Digital

    High speed digital Copper foil typical thickness is 12um 18um 35um. With ultra low profile, with high peel strength and good etchability; With low coarsening technology.
    Used for High speed digital, base station /server and PPO/PPE.

  • Base Station/Server/Storage

    Base Station/Server/Storage

    Base station/server/storage Copper foil typical thickness is 12um 18um 35um 7um, and used for Base station/server/storage, PPO/PPE and Mid-low/ultra-low loss.


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