• JIMA Electrolytic Copper Foil

    Double-sided Polished Electrolytic Copper Foil 4.5μm~15μm Double-sided polished electrolytic copper foil is characterized by a symmetrical structure of two sides, metal density close to the theoretical density of copper, very low profile of the surface, excellent elongation and tensile strength, ...
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  • 6μm Lithium Battery Copper Foil Enters the Upward Cycle of Sustained High Growth In Demand

    The trend of copper foil thinning is clear. In 2020, 6μm lithium battery copper foil may become the mainstream of the market. For power batteries, on the one hand, 6μm lithium battery copper foil has higher energy density, better physical properties and more stable chemical properties than 8μm; o...
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